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When the Market opened in August 1985 we began selling a wide selection of produce from our own farm. In particular apples, plums and pears that came from the third generation fruit orchard located just across the lake from the Market at the Wile Family farm.

The goal even at that time was to buy from other farmers and offer Nova Scotia grown produce. Now, over the past decade the interest in 'locally' produced food has increased dramatically and people are seeking out relationships with farmers who produce food in the area. In many ways we were ahead of our time but we are very thankful for the wide network of farmers and suppliers we have connected with to supply produce and other items to the Market. We are offering a list of our suppliers for your information. This list does vary from season to season and we update it regularly.


Wanda & Michael Wolters

Wanda and Michael Wolters, Conquerall Mills.  The Wolters are main suppliers of fabulous greens.  The Wolters have been organic farmers for more than 20 years and we have known them since we sold at the Bridgewater Farmers Market in the late 1980's.  They deliver 2 or 3 times a week and provide mesclun mix, arugula, spinach, basil and parsley.

Valerie & Charlie Jollimore, Laconia

The Jollimores pick and deliver strawberries to us daily during the strawberry season. As the season goes on we get leaf lettuce, spinach, romaine, dill, radishes, beet greens, swiss chard, green onions and tomatoes from them. Valerie also sells at the Farmers Market in Liverpool every day.

Terra Beata Farms

David and Evelyn Ernst founded their cranberry farm, outside Lunenburg,  in 1998 and supply the market with cranberry products.  Learn more about their products at www.cranberryfarm.ca

Rex Veinot, Parkdale

Rex and his family are well known for their outstanding woodlot and also for their maple syrup and maple candy.

Randy Naugler, Wileville

Randy and Lila are probably best known as Christmas tree growers, however they have been building a blueberry business for a number of years.  They provide us with 5 and 10 pound boxes of berries in August from their fields in Lunenburg and Queens counties.

Noggins Corner Farm, Greenwich

The Bishop family are a well known Annapolis Valley farm family.  Famous for their “hard to find” apple varieties they are one of our largest suppliers. www.nogginsfarm.ca  This time of year they are our main source of apples.  Their high quality apples store well through winter and provide us with excellent apples well into July.

Halifax Seed Company

This is a Nova Scotian  company, owned by the Treganno family and based in Halifax .They are our major supplier of vegetable seed and greenhouse supplies.  Check them out at www.halifaxseed.ca

Glenn Higbee, New Ross

Glenn is a supplier of highbush blueberry plants.  Glenn is an expert grower and provides us with varieties that are particularly well suited to the South Shore.

Farmers Dairy

The Wile family shipped milk to this locally owned dairy cooperative for more than 40 years. Farmers provide high quality milk and dairy products as well as the ice cream sold at the Market. Check them out at www.farmersdairy.ca

Birchleigh Farm, Berwick

Waldo Walsh has been growing apples his whole life.  He is one of our primary apple suppliers in the early fall.  His Gravensteins, Cortlands and Honeycrisps are prizes!

 Bayside Farms located in Yarmouth provide us with beautiful spray free tomatoes and peppers.

Yonder Hill Farm

Yonder Hill Farm is a family-run seed growing business, producers of genuine heritage organic seeds for your garden. Located in Laconia, Nova Scotia

Cochrane Family Seeds

Located in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Cochrane Family Seeds provide us with heirloom and organic seeds.

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